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    Monday, 17/11/2014

    If everyone lived empirically we’d all still think the world was flat. We wouldn’t know about atoms, germs or the theory of relativity.. So I wouldn’t immediately discount the idea that the royals are lizards or that the entire reality tunnel in which you live is wholly imaginary! Come on, you’ve got to admit it, empirical thinkers in the evolution of man are in a very small minority.

  • Numbers and their personalities http://www.kerrymac.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/oilpainting.jpg
    Monday, 17/11/2014

    I don’t know what you make of numbers – but here’s my take on the matter.
    1 – (white) I
    2 – (blue) Pisces.
    3 – (yellow) Magic.
    4 – (red) Warning/ danger.
    5 – (light brown) From another dimension – maybe one near YOU.
    6 – (orange) Cosmic cheek.
    7 – (turquoise) Purgatory – pedantry with a view to being noticed. I do like it a lot but it’s a bit like Madonna writhing around on stage in her underwear and then being a Cabbalist and getting people to call her Ester.
    8 – (indigo) Material wealth and earthly success.
    9 – (brown) Divine. It’s a tall God.
    10 – (pink) American in a 50 gallon hat.
    11 – (white with a hint of pink) Angel.
    12 – (white, blue) Busted and Mcfly.
    13 – (white, yellow) Conventional luck bringing a kind of 8 like success.
    15 –

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