• System
    Saturday, 9/09/2017

    The following is a system for working out if someone loves you, without having to take the risk of telling them you love them first. It also somewhat insulates them from exposure. Somewhat.
    Send them an anonymous letter to the effect of “Look, I love you – but I value our friendship, so to avoid fucking it up, please work with me here and anonymously send a sheet of paper with [whatever] on it, to the address of the person that YOU love. Thank you for your cooperation – and thanks in advance for understanding that I can never admit that it was me who sent this message.”
    They then send their love [whatever] on a sheet of paper – safe in the knowledge that this crush, if it’s not you, will just think the random message is… some kind of weird marketing… BUT IF IT IS YOU, you’ll have

  • Snake Ladder
    Wednesday, 30/08/2017

    So here’s The Snake Ladder – the finished idea from yesterday – this is about as far as I can take it myself – my engineer friend tells me it’s an interesting concept that he hasn’t seen done before. He’s going to mock one up out of two rope/ chainmail ladders joined together – that’s all you have to do – plus two levers for the “retrieval rope.” We’ll post it around on public forums in case it’s of any use…* And if they were properly manufactured – which I hope they already have been or one day will be – I don’t see why one wouldn’t be able to get down a building with them, in an emergency. Dependent of course of the presence of jutting things to hook onto…
    (Obviously out of my depth here, as with everything – but in case it hasn’t been done – here

  • Buzzword…
    Saturday, 19/08/2017

    Just back from The Edinburgh Festival and so…
    Narcissism – often attributed to millenials, often slapped on the heads of middle aged men – this is the current manipulative insult of choice from those who feel aggrieved about the actions of another, but lack the resolve or ability to improve their own lives independently. The incessant misuse of this term has led to a misunderstanding of the condition so that many people, accused, are exactly what narcissism isn’t.
    In a way, narcissism is the opposite of someone being selfish – it is instead, the complete obliteration of the self in pursuit of approval. It’s essentially a preoccupation with one’s acceptability to others. If we could read the mind of Narcissus, as he gazes into the water – we’d discover that he isn’t viewing himself through his own eyes, but through the imagined eyes of his desired audience… “I love

  • Abstract Thought #2
    Saturday, 8/04/2017

    Andy Warhol’s prediction now seems accurate in it’s projection that every one of us would seek fame (of course we would, the fame of others took the attention of our parents and friends away from us in childhood) – but it doesn’t extend to the fact that the elevation of mass produced attention over intimacy has led to quite another phenomenon altogether – our attempts in completely the WRONG direction for what was once commonplace – 15 minutes of love. 15 minutes of being known and being truly accepted. Will everybody get that? Almost certainly not – in part because they won’t have the luxury of knowing themselves.
    Just as fame was the new love, love will become the new fame…
    But this future commercial interest will only create a crude adumbration of its true, former glory. Our capacity for amnesia can’t be easily measured because its history is necessarily obscured but

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