• Hymn to Apollo, recorded in a library…
    Tuesday, 15/10/2019

    This is very simple, yeah? I wrote it when I was between 12 and 14 ish and then could never record it for some reason – maybe because I didn’t really mean it until recently. Then when house sitting this summer I was sleeping in a beautiful library filled with books that married the scientific and the esoteric – and found myself waking up in the middle of the night for the reason that I needed to record it, right there. And sure enough – I could suddenly do it because the house had somehow infused it with life. The piano isn’t really written, I was going to finish it – but then – as with the voice recording – I just had a sense, I had to post it today – right this minute – so if you’re reading, it’s totally. FOR. YOU. (Therefore listen all

  • Podcast ep 3b – Corn’s Farming Us…
    Sunday, 18/08/2019

    The irony is – I don’t think corn’s farming us at all; it’s the fruit trees that started that while we were still living in them… But she’s only a computer AI though – can’t get everything right.

    The Tony Law podcast is at Please come say hi?

  • Notes from Fictitious Dialogue With Tree…
    Sunday, 9/06/2019

    The Tree – Henry – with the cones of white flowers is apparently a Horse Chestnut Tree – and now it’s May, I’m noticing, there are loads of them everywhere. I go up to one and sit against it unceremoniously.
    [So I understand The Portal Effect in human consciousness, and I understand The Second Law of Thermodynamics – that everything moves towards increasing complexity… but here’s what I don’t understand… If what you guys have told me is true – about organic life simply being a planetary net for The Sun’s escaping energy; something that converts photons and carbon dioxide and so on into matter that can increase the world’s volume – then how are our follies any worse than the rest of nature? Isn’t the whole of nature, at every stage of increasing complexity, acting foolishly, ITSELF? I mean if that’s the dynamic – simplicity and unity to

  • Sunshine… FINISHED more or less… (for 2 pianos)
    Sunday, 24/02/2019

    Updated this one – it’s still not finished and there’s not much articulation on it – but you get the idea… “Benevolent Snowball”…
    0:00 I have achieved the dream – optimistic neutrality, whilst completely alone, wandering through the snow in The Netherlands or somewhere similar. Sensitivity is very interesting, but great to be more even tempered now… And so it goes…
    0:17 What’s that shape on the horizon? It’s not… some kind of snowball is it? Please, not an engulfing snowball, heading this way… 0:26 near enough to be understood now.
    0:58 Negotiation of the snowball with Blarney.
    1:14 The snowball is indomitable and too uplifting to be tempered – it just does its own thing – not much to be done.
    Japanese sounding scale in places like 1:21 = entire combs of acuity – for things that may and may not be real.
    1:45 As Sovereign of my domain, I’m pleased

  • When Trying To Empty The Mind…
    Monday, 17/09/2018

    You know how some people go off on psychedelic journeys and come back and say they’ve learned a lot, but can’t put any of it into words? Well when I try to clear my mind with meditation, I go off on strange journeys and come back with these vast pieces of text but less conviction that they make any sense… So the following has to be regarded as creative writing…
    In asking about the nature of Morphogenic* Fields, I’m invited into a rectilinear terracota coloured building that looks a bit like a modern University, erected in the red dust of the Middle East somewhere.
    The atmosphere inside is that of a Japanese restaurant with dark coloured walls and elegant floral patterning, sufficiently stylised to be chic as opposed to kitsch. Amidst the tables of other students and mentors, my instructor, who sits opposite me is a creature with an elephant’s head and the body

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