• Vague ideas from recent weeks…
    Monday, 7/11/2016

    i. If the law was that the price of voting was potential conscription – then we’d see an improvement in mass political intelligence. The ease with which we send others, without researching our choices for them, shows our fatal shortsightedness.
    We’ve got to relearn that empathy isn’t charity, sacrifice or even effort – rather, simply, intelligence – good visual acuity. The top down approach of government that synthesises empathy by forcing right action in individuals through fear, needs help, culturally. On it’s own, The Law, can only disengage us from behavioural cause and effect by centring around self preservation – “do right to avoid jail” and so on. Its aim is to balance ruthless individualism, yet it has as its goal, the protection of self, which only serves to exacerbate the problem. This in time causes empathy to atrophy as – what need is there for it when rules

  • Short Story: ABC1 on the Train
    Wednesday, 26/10/2016

    || Stand Clear of the Closing Doors. ||
    || NEW REGENERIST So lightweight, you won’t even notice it!||Now, we’ve featured an array of different ages on our Metro single spread because even though our core consumers are up around the 30 to 69 age group – our research does show we reach girls as young as 15, even younger on occasion! So we’re very mindful of conveying a really really body positive message at all times. What we’re all about, here at Olay, is people being given the gift of themselves…
    What an odd clutch of billiard balls… Begone, strange Midwichian Cuckoos, ye hold no currency here. “To what end?” – comes to mind. Never understand these women who say they fear becoming invisible – must really believe their sexuality is the approval of general strangers… How free thinking… All that straining for vacuity too – as though caught

  • The Origin of Language…
    Friday, 5/08/2016

    Language was initially a technology for survival, that promptly evolved into a technology of seeing… which because it borrows from other areas of the brain is prone to hiding what’s there quite a bit…
    So what caused language exactly? It may be our best tool in the modern world, but what prompted it in the ancient one? Well nature’s so parsimonious, that necessity is always the mother of invention – if we have a capacity, it’s either serving us or in the process of dying out. Like all animals, a few hundred thousand years ago, we’d evolved an innate human language, (probably of song, given our natural vocal range that far exceeds that of regular speech) – to communicate the concepts our life-cycle necessitated. Therefore, the most likely catalyst for the actual invention of new words must surely have been a drastically new situation occurring overnight – too fast

  • Short Story Part 2 [Edited]
    Wednesday, 6/07/2016

    The following (like the last post) is a fictional account of the style of teaching a person might encounter through the use of psychedelic mushrooms.  We’ll give this character my name for convenience’s sake… (I might refine this in time…)
    So Magic Mushrooms may be an effective treatment for depression, leaving the user with less of a comedown and more of an afterglow… That was certainly the case at times for several days after the trip, although now, three weeks later, sometime in April – there’s also a new and uncomfortable experience that I’ve never had before… I’m being placed very starkly in front of My Issues As They Really Are (MIASTRA, we’ll call it).
    I’m alone in a hotel room in Stirling, being made to look at MIASTRA and being prevented from looking away. I say, look – I mean feel – I’m feeling extremely specific emotions, much more specific

  • Short Story…
    Sunday, 10/04/2016

    Here’s a short story I wrote…
    I woke up at about 9 to find that I’d slept for 8 hours without the anxiety that had pervaded the previous two weeks. Jack – my friend who had agreed to be trip-sitter, had given me one mushroom to eat before bed just to test I didn’t have any strange reaction. He assured me this was too small a quantity to have any psychoactive effect…
    I’d had a very vivid dream that had taken place outside a hotel I knew from somewhere or other. A long glass wall and then a round window in a bricked square section. Curtains of polyester looked faintly religious – and then, ringing into being I felt the anomie rising… I walked, head down, towards a delapidated rose garden and all of a sudden became aware that the beloved person was holding me from behind, his arms

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