• When Trying To Empty The Mind…
    Monday, 17/09/2018

    You know how some people go off on psychedelic journeys and come back and say they’ve learned a lot, but can’t put any of it into words? Well when I try to clear my mind with meditation, I go off on strange journeys and come back with these vast pieces of text but less conviction that they make any sense… So the following has to be regarded as creative writing…
    In asking about the nature of Morphogenic* Fields, I’m invited into a rectilinear terracota coloured building that looks a bit like a modern University, erected in the red dust of the Middle East somewhere.
    The atmosphere inside is that of a Japanese restaurant with dark coloured walls and elegant floral patterning, sufficiently stylised to be chic as opposed to kitsch. Amidst the tables of other students and mentors, my instructor, who sits opposite me is a creature with an elephant’s head and the body

  • Yellow Tara Mandala
    Saturday, 19/05/2018

    Yellow Tara Mandala – A week long practice, created and led by Jill Purce where around 70 people become a living, rotating Mandala… (This is a piano duet – meaning 2 pianos…)

    00:00 – I go along as my usual self and on the train to the venue – I wonder if I’ll be able to “get into it.” As soon as I’m there though, there’s an itness about the place that suspends rational thought without me having to try. I love these people because as different as we all are in occupation, beliefs and personality – we all find some purpose in conspiring to realise this unusual project.
    00:34 – “Thank you for your love, Oh, thank you for your love, Oh, thank you for your love, Oh, thank you for your love…” – My body seems to be tuning into this different mode of seeing – which feels

  • Next One…
    Friday, 2/03/2018

    Here’s the next video – I prefer these ones that seem to emerge out of that artistic technique of simply casting around for what might be there – instead of attempting to impose empirical order onto what you logically believe to be there… So this is all completely speculative, all observation and “common sense” – but I wanted to tell you – the practice of asking for Mercury’s help – actually asking him – is massively underrated! Because as with playing or writing music – the process of recording this was like… um… not thinking too much and just projectile vomiting glass marbles – anyone else get that?


  • Conversations With The Sun From Scotland
    Monday, 29/01/2018

    This is trying to capture a 3 dimensional sense of walking down the East Sands in St. Andrews at twilight and the way the light bounces off the water and the wet sand, along with the stars and the streetlamps and all that. Meditation seems to have changed the music I’m hearing in my head, as time goes on – but I did want to create another piano duet for the two hubristic youngsters required to play that last one – may as well write a concert’s worth, right?
    Lots of love to you, thanks for visiting this site…

  • Short Story 4/ 5…
    Saturday, 25/11/2017

    This is a short story about talking to plants… It is fictitious – just a thought experiment, innit? Trying out alternative explanations for accepted phenomena, as an exercise…
    [I want to relax out of the trifling miscellany of day to day life. Can you please take me on a walk round a human-centric gallery of The Divine? I’d love that. In return, I’ll pass on anything of importance that you show me…]
    [[You think that space and time are requirements of movement but actually movement is a requirement for space and time – it’s that way round. It was consciousness moving that formed the dimensions of physical existence.]]
    [See this is what I love about you – you don’t mess around with smalltalk.]
    [[No function for it.]]
    [So let me get this straight – the vibrating energy that constitutes all things… is also cranking out time? And also cranking

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