I’m not a complete layman in terms of Physics but of course this is just a thought-experiment as opposed to a real one… (From last year – trying to “bring back” novel information).

An explanation for the change of light’s state in the “unobserved” and “observed” double-slit test. (When you don’t observe light, our instruments tell us it acts like a wave, when you do, it looks and acts like it’s made up of individual particles).

Imagine we were representing the three dimensional world as a sheet of paper. Then the process of moving through time would be as it is with a flick book – a move through different pages. So if we lay the sheet of paper on the table, the axis of time would now be represented by the axis of height. And we could observe a block of time by stacking a load of sheets on top of the first.

Light, in that it moves at the speed of time, and can travel through a vacuum, has qualities that appear to transcend those of forces and objects in the 3D world. I would therefore suggest it resides far more solidly along the evanescent axis of time than it does along the 3 material axes we see statically… if light was a pencil therefore, imagine it, speared through the stack of pages – people in each page-moment would experience it as a cross sectional circle – that point at which it skewered their page – and so it would appear like a particle to us, when examined…

Let’s imagine our consciousness is like a torch that we shine through a hole in the sheet of paper, representing matter. When we walk around, we move the light-hole with us. If light is the pencil piercing our page at right angles, then when we observe it from afar, our consciousness causes the pencil shaft to cast a shadow onto our 3D page – and this, I imagine is what the waveform is. A 4D SHADOW of all the positions in which that piece of light exists in neighbouring moments (or in neighbouring sheets of paper above us). This of course, assumes that consciousness, operates in a higher dimension to matter, and can thus interact with the axis of time.

So you can move your torch anywhere in the page, and there’ll be a pencil-shadow – or a “wave”. But move your consciousness to where the pencil pierces it – make your consciousness intercept the exact point of the light’s origin… and the shadow disappears. That’s why the wave disappears when we observe it – we’re exactly intersecting its point of entry into our Universe.

OK, that’s just a model where I’m likening stuff to objects whose behaviour may be completely unrelated to that of light, matter and consciousness… But when you think of what that could mean, if accurate… I believe the waveform could be an adumbration of some aspect of the Multiverse’s shape… If the stack of paper above ours is not actually the future but instead, other versions of now – and it’s the spatial dimension of consciousness that houses each stack of “next-moments”* – then of course, the relative spatial position of a particle of light in the other versions of now could be myriad locations, limited only by the fact that these would be joined to the pencil’s position in the previous moment – and so couldn’t be too far from that. Somehow, this could give us the shape we see as a wave – lightwaves are the shadow of light’s various locations in neighbouring nows.

However, should you look down the shaft of the light-source (i.e. have your consciousness intercept it) the shadow disappears, because in all the other possible nows, you’re also looking at the light – therefore the light particle’s relative position to you – can’t actually be different in any other versions of now – (the pencil shaft intersects in exactly that position in all other nows too, and therefore doesn’t cast a shadow).


*This because I have a model of the 5 Dimensions we experience, the 5th being consciousness – that does imagine all time to be a static axis of matter in all its potential incarnations, past and future – and this is housed within a concentric axis of consciousness. Being a human is like being a little fragmented marble of consciousness, rolling alone one potential branch of the Time-Tree. Of course it’s true of your life – your consciousness has housed all the time, you’ve experienced and the time, all the matter…

So consciousness, time and matter concentric spheres with matter at the centre and consciousness, the outer layer (the 3 dimensions we assign to the material world are actually just aspects of one spherical dimension of matter – so are in fact “sub-dimensions” which therefore behave differently to the higher ones). Consciousness is the snow globe in which all possibility exists… within it is a sphere of time who’s surface is constantly turned over from a portal within it… which is its core-sphere of matter. The turning over terrain is the process of older cross sections of material objects being issued, one after the other. Together, this creates the illusion to us of consciousness, time and matter, moving forward.

(When you die, the turning over matter that’s causing a bubble of consciousness to form around it, ceases it’s hold, and the consciousness breaks free from the fragment of time and matter, to the collective snow globe – either a bigger snow globe fragment, or perhaps complete Nirvana – the main one in which everything exists. From here, untethered to pieces of space-time, consciousness straddles everything. There’s no good or bad, temporal eternity is but the present – so it’s not as frightening as it sounds to a human – there’s just us, altogether).

Does this pass for novel information?