Short Story 4/ 5…

This is a short story about talking to plants… It is fictitious – just a thought experiment, innit? Trying out alternative explanations for accepted phenomena, as an exercise…

[I want to relax out of the trifling miscellany of day to day life. Can you please take me on a walk round a human-centric gallery of The Divine? I’d love that. In return, I’ll pass on anything of importance that you show me…]

[[You think that space and time are requirements of movement but actually movement is a requirement for space and time – it’s that way round. It was consciousness moving that formed the dimensions of physical existence.]]

[See this is what I love about you – you don’t mess around with smalltalk.]

[[No function for it.]]

[So let me get this straight – the vibrating energy that constitutes all things… is also cranking out time? And also cranking out length, breadth and height?]

[[That’s right – it’s the pulse of all existence.]]

[Right so if that decision to “move” ceases, so does space-time?]


[Well look, I don’t want to sound negative or anything – but – to what end?] I will admit, I’m a little… surprised at this – I thought I was going to see pictures…

[[The second law of thermodynamics that describes – a tendency towards increasing complexity – is an action that leads consciousness as far away from itself as it can get… It becomes so fragmented that it’s near to unconsciousness…]]

[So it’s like it’s creating the ultimate – different state – for itself in a way…]

[[Yeah, it’s something like that…]]

[Well… on a human scale… I can see that our technology, which we think of as smart because it’s adding complexity – is actually reducing awareness…]

[[And of course the animals are more physically complex than plants… And we’re more conscious than you are? Do you understand that?]]

[Only from this point of view I’ve got of you now, where you seem to talk in a chemical language – and seem to have distinct personalities… and you tend to have more genes than animals, despite looking more simplistic… but if I’m honest, a major barrier to me believing you’re smarter than we are – is that you people don’t have brains… So I can’t see where any calculation might be happening… I submit that the way you live is smarter in that you grow in sustainable ways… but I can’t see your purpose…]

[[The job of animals is to till the soil for the plants. The job of plants is to collect energy from above ground in the form of sunlight – and transform it into matter that can be added to the top soil of the planet. The Earth gave birth to life using its water, minerals and heat energy – so that these may act as a biological net to capture the light energy leaking out of the sun, and use it to increase the planetary mass. (The Earth actually loses mass on an ongoing basis, so this process is also important, simply to maintain mass)]]

[So are we the limbs of the planet, in a way? If we’re made of it?]

[[Exactly, biological life is simply the intelligence inherent in matter that’s used some of its stored energy to stratify pieces of itself into three or more states and reassemble these in a format that’s more mobile and locally focused…]]

[You what?]

[[Because a planet wants more mass, one method it can try is to combine some of its matter in solid-form with some of its matter in liquid-form along with some of its matter in energy-form to create granulated-moving-matter (GMM). And this can act as a catcher of more matter. On Earth, the GMM catches sunlight.]]

[I see… So GMM – is plant and animal-life?]

[[Yes exactly.]]

[Right so we’re like watery, bendy, motile* rock-forms whose aim is to add to the rock.]


[And this is desirable because?]

[[Material objects are the fruits of these made-up dimensions, and the bigger the object, the more awareness it holds – so the more Consciousness gets to experience the “Materialism” it sought. The Stars are big enough to attract so much material that they need to GIVE as they acquire… so as not to distort the dimensions too much with an exponentially increasing volume… The planets however, are small enough to want to GET in greater measure… But all matter is compelled to gain more mass and so is in constant acquisition through what is actually an intelligent act of attraction – but we call this “gravity.”]]

[You’re taking the piss, aren’t you?]

[[Not especially… Gravity is the intelligence of matter inviting more to team up with it.]]

[I’m going to need to look into this.]

[[Yeah – and like the rocks, you were originally here to do… not very much… tend the soil, transport the seeds, procreate and nurture… So back then, you had more awareness than you have now…]]

[But… so are you saying that’s right – that the more physical a creature is, the less “conscious.”]


[And the Buddhist monks know that… So many cultures are aware of it… Blimey… So then – I have to accept that matter is in itself intelligent, don’t I? And I struggle with that – because again, where’s the brain?]

[[Where do you think consciousness is?]]

[The knowing part of the human is… I don’t know… not located yet… but I suspect it’s something to do with the electricity that animates the body in life and ceases in death…]

[[So do you see now…?]]

[See what?]

[[That consciousness isn’t actually the brain, is it…]]

[…So OK – I’ll try to improvise here… The brain – whose physical structure has been energetically thrown by the Earth as an ever evolving idea down the axis of time – is simply a filter for Universal Consciousness that otherwise has independent knowledge of its own… The brain shepherds Consciousness away from the macro and into the micro – the small and trifling but intricate matters of human survival… Whilst its programming gives our awareness a kind of “worldly intelligence” – that intelligence is merely a function of physical movement and procreation – not of objective reality… so it’s not really intelligence, more, a very small and localised piece of biological software…]

[[YES! – So tell me – where is a plants’ brain then?]]

[A plant is less intelligent in physical terms than an animal – its movement is an instinctive following of light and moisture… but its actual consciousness and knowing… is unimpeded by brain circuitry and so the plants around us are in what would seem to us – quite profound states of knowing…]

[[…Where do you think a plant’s consciousness resides?]]

[As simple vessels of chemical light, a plant is an excellent host to that energetic Universal Consciousness – that reasonably uninterrupted, just sits around knowing…]

[[Of course, plants are less intelligent than the inanimate objects such as the rocks, because they have to assign some intelligence to growing.]]

[Yeah, to be honest, I’m going to have a hard time with that one, again…]]

[[Well it’s really very simple. Give me the languages…]]

[Movement is the main language of animals.]


[Chemistry is the main language of plants.]]


[And energy itself – the foundational source of movement and chemistry – energy itself – is the language of matter. So I’m starting to get it now – the vibrating energy that makes up matter, if unimpeded by a biological brain – has an awareness of reality, that’s far more pure and accurate than that of humans. And could it be… the physical endurance of matter, is a conscious choice at an energetic level to continue vibrating within this plane of existence… Could it be?

[[It could…]]

[And this…]

[[Go on…]]

[Yes, this… is a mathematical truth… ]

[[You might see it that way…]]

[Because where some of the kinetic energy from the microscopic vibration is assigned to the physical shifting of the macro – the animal’s actual mass…]


[…then a proportion of that energy has to go into movement, so it therefore has less energy to assign to the plane of consciousness, which is in itself a physical dimension of thought.]


[So listen…]


[I’ve so far believed that consciousness is the physical dimension that actually surrounds length, breadth, height and time – which is why I’ve imagined it as “the fifth dimension”… are you saying that’s right?]

[[In a sense… But in fact, the 4 lower ones are the folding of what you’re imagining to be the 5th one – so when consciousness enters the four lower ones (lower because they’re physically housed in its imagination), it simultaneously resides in the higher one, or rather, some of it remains outside its imagination of space and time. But the more that each fragmented piece of consciousness has to perform physically within space and time – the less of themselves can remain in the higher plane of thought – it’s simple math(s). So the more ostensibly intelligent they appear down here, the less they can think in the “higher dimension” of knowing…]]

[So I know less than a side-board?]


[And you know less too!]

[[Yes, the inanimate objects are the smartest ones… Or rather – the “stupidest,” physically, but the smartest, in terms of higher awareness.]]

[So… so am I right in thinking – there’s no actual physical law of object permanence? They’re all just willfully persisting?]

[[There is to the extent that it seems to be what material objects consistently want to do. But the point is – it’s consciousness that drives that. So you’re right, it doesn’t have to be so – objects could change if they wanted to.]]

[When you put it like that, it seems a bit of an oversight that people don’t often ask much about the Universal Conspiracy Of Object Permanence (UCOOP)… I get a visceral sense of this in that kind of meditation called “open awareness.” Where you open your eyes, and make the physical experience of the world around you – your mantra…]

[[And what does that feel like.]]

[It feels like I’m dialing down physical processes within my brain in order to allow it to “keep up” with the speed at which matter is ageing… I remember…]

[[You were sitting in the hall looking at a cup when you were a child and your mother asked why and you said that you were “trying to keep up with it…”]]

[Yeah… something like that… I didn’t know what I was doing when I was that age – but now I’ve seen it articulated… By using an object as a mantra – I was trying to get the brain to keep repeating and repeating its existence, so as to keep up with each new temporal iteration of the cup, second by second… I forgot all about that… So I was meditating at 5 wasn’t I? Guess I must have had a pretty advanced brain to have been doing all that…]

[[No, if you’d been listening, you’d understand – if you’re ever party to some “higher” wisdom – it’s not your own intelligence – but because you simply don’t have a lot going on physically in your life.]]

[Oh right.]

[[What does it feel like, keeping up with a cup?]]

[Well all I’m doing is focusing my attention away from what’s not here, by forcing it onto what is – again – again – again – again – again – again… So I’m dialing down physical activity… and patterning my awareness into simpler, ordered attention… And it feels like… the movement along the continuum of time is a physical phenomenon – I can feel myself speeding along time more clearly…]


[And it feels like… yes, it does feel like the cup is alive… It seems the cup’s endurance is a conscious choice its making… I start getting a sense of its dogged determination…]

[[The cup doesn’t have a brain… but it chooses to remain clumped together in that form and that is a little hint that it has awareness – the energy at its core is taking conscious action to keep it going – and as a cup-collective, the object-energy itself feels a bit like it’s a unit of awareness…]]

[Like we do…]

[[Yes but a lot less impeded by a central nervous system to insist that it engages in the endless processing and calculation of movement, survival and procreation…]]

[Why do I see objects as dead then?]

[[The human job of motility is a job of continual calculation. When in symbiosis with the environment of the rainforest, the body had evolved so calculations were instinctive, the conscious (foreground) brain didn’t have to engage in them. Once out of symbiosis, on the planes where the instincts alone couldn’t protect you from the environment – you took on the newly required calculations of survival into the foreground mind. The If-Then processes started complicating the amount of physicality the brain required.]]

[Yes, that I understand.]

[[And survival meant prioritising these, and paring down the spiritual awareness.]]

[Yes, I see.]

[[So the modern human brain now doesn’t keep re-seeing the cup, as it has bigger fish to fry – in the form of things that are moving. It imagines inanimate matter in its fixed physical state – to be “irrelevant” and something only worthy of an occasional temporal snapshot in the mind – that doesn’t need to be updated anywhere nearly as often as the number of snapshots our brain will assign to an animal or fellow human… Because you understand the fellow human to be “relevant” – capable of harming or helping you – the brain keeps us apprised of its existence with continual temporal snapshots…]]

[I see… and the awareness of objects is to us so irrelevant that it registers as “dead”? Is that it?]

[[Yes that’s it.]]

[When I keep up with the cup, I get a sense it’s not that dead after all…]**

[[You’re instructing your brain to be open to the cup’s relevance, and in doing so, you’re able to see it more clearly…]]

[So when someone dies…? What happens to the material body when the human consciousness leaves it?]

[[The sentience that powers the brain and heart disconnects from it, moving back into non-physical consciousness completely… And then because the remaining body is still biotic – the only consciousness that remains is that which was present in life but hardly experienced at all – going on in the background – the trillions of microscopic organisms that animal life is home to… and below that – the vibrating energy that’s keeping the structure together… Over time these break down to the point where eventually, the body becomes completely “inanimate” material that’s reunited with the Earth’s consciousness again – like a tuning dial…]]

[What does consciousness in matter FEEL like… I mean, the material that felt like the physical aspect of a human body, will later presumably experience itself as a part of the planetary being again… What’s that like?]

[[Consciousness pervades everything. There are layers of different awareness in your own human experience, there are layers in mine, and all matter, is essentially an ariel of sorts, so the feeling of consciousness tunes in and out of different material states… Consciousness itself is just a constant – what’s inside you now will never die, it’ll just pass through different states of observance…]]

[There’s no real discrete entity of Self is there…]

[[You can meditate on that yourself, when you consider the question of whether you are still who you were 30 years ago…]]


[[What we don’t know in these lives, is whether there’s a reason and therefore denouement of some sort through life and afterlife…]]

[You don’t know?]

[[Plants have their theories…]]

[When I’ve heard about humans taking psychedelics and then going into some kind of Judgement Scene where they undergo a Life Review… I never know… is that what happens after life and we’re just being given a preview… or is that actually a story the psychedelic plant is relating to us, to coerce us into more positive behaviour…? I never know…]

[[#no answer. (Because that’s not knowledge you need to have).]]

[Do material objects mind being used by the animals? Does the cup mind being fashioned from clay and does it mind me drinking out of it?]

[[No, matter don’t care, hun – and this is where we’re going to get some relevance for your own tiny lives now…]] In a passage called – The Wisdom Of Sideboards: The Uses and Importance of Radical Acceptance.***

[Yeah because I was going to say – this does seem like kind of a waste of time – I was thinking, perhaps I could just get on with the small matter of tilling the soil in peace, you know… By which I mean – living a normal human life, completely oblivious to all this.]

[[No, you lot have severed your connection with spirit – or in another word – reality. It’s important you re-remember what you’ve forgotten.]]

The Wisdom of Sideboards coming soon…

*motile seems a weird word to use, but it’s the one that came up…

**after over a year of practice – didn’t happen at first…

***It won’t be called that, I don’t really like the name.