Snake Ladder

So here’s The Snake Ladder – the finished idea from yesterday – this is about as far as I can take it myself – my engineer friend tells me it’s an interesting concept that he hasn’t seen done before. He’s going to mock one up out of two rope/ chainmail ladders joined together – that’s all you have to do – plus two levers for the “retrieval rope.” We’ll post it around on public forums in case it’s of any use…* And if they were properly manufactured – which I hope they already have been or one day will be – I don’t see why one wouldn’t be able to get down a building with them, in an emergency. Dependent of course of the presence of jutting things to hook onto…

(Obviously out of my depth here, as with everything – but in case it hasn’t been done – here it is on paper for someone to make…)

OK – and if you only have rope – here’s the actual dream-advice I sort of got… Tie one end round your middle, as best you can – and leave enough rope emanating from this knot to attach you to a jutting thing later on. Halve the remaining rope (the main piece), as best you can and mark the middle point clearly with black pen. Tie a highwayman’s knot around a strong jutting thing with the middle of the rope – so that two lengths are emanating from it – one of which you’re attached to. The one you’re attached to obviously HAS to be the length that pulls the knot tighter and the the other length has to be the one that undoes it. You just have to get this right or you fall.

You make sure the other length is dangling over in the direction of your descent – you abseil – then when you get to the lower jutting thing – you use the little extra bit of rope from your middle to tether you to that (in all likelihood you’ll be hanging or sitting on the next window frame yourself in some way, but for safety) – whilst you undo the top knot, by pulling the second length of rope (that’s how a highwayman’s knot works). I don’t know if this weight of this falling rope might be an issue – the catapult effect – you’d have to brace yourself for it… Then you would pull the fallen rope up and up, ’til you see your black mark, and tie this round the next jutting thing in the same way.

So that’s where the ladder idea comes from – it’s the same principle but much easier.

*I don’t see how this hasn’t been done before so we may well find that but if it hasn’t – patent it? Well that, for rescue stuff seems to me unethical, and it clogs up interest and production and is also in a way, too limited to bother with – the process is expensive enough to be weighted towards big corporations… so why not just go open source like everyone else does with everything now? So if it’s useful – take it!